Guidelines for the paper

– Times New Roman 12 font

– Double spaced

– No extra spacing above or below paragraphs

– Headings in bold and capitalized with two spaces before and one following (No numbering for the headings)

– Text justified on both sides

– First line of every paragraph indented 0.5 inch.

– Please submit your papers using MS Office Word (.docx)


Please refer to last year’s paper.

You can view it through the links below.



Book_Korea’s Public Diplomacy


Our first book, Korea’s Public Diplomacy, finally came out. This book is an outcome of the “Graduate Students’ Conference: Korea’s Public Diplomacy” which is organized by Hangang Network, Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Seoul National University Graduate School of International Studies.

The conference was also an academic article contest on the same topic. The articles in this book are written by ten graduate students from eight different countries and selected by an academic committee.

You can get a hard copy of the book -for free- if you visit our office, or download it here:

You can also watch the conference videos here:

Conference Videos

We have successfully finished the Graduate Students’ Conference on Korea’s Public Diplomacy. Students made great presentations. The pictures, videos and proceedings will soon be available on our website and SNS accounts.
Award winners for the best three papers and ten chapters for the upcoming book on Korea’s Public Diplomacy will be announced in Mid-July. The book is due to be published at the end of this year.
Stay tuned to our website and SNS accounts, and please subscribe to our Youtube channel: